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Tsuen Wan, Ta Shek Wu, Fo Tan

The Ultra-TrailⓇ Tai Mo Shan is a toughest event that challenges the human spirit through the outdoor sport of trail running.

The “TTF” (Tsuen Wan, Ta Shek Wu, Fo Tan) Which goes two-thirds way around Tai Mo Shan

Date : 2, January 2021
Time : 4:00 PM.
Distance : 115 km
Cumulative Altitude Gain: 5,382 m
Time Limit: 34 Hours
Start Point : Tsuen King Circuit Playground, Tsuen Wan
Finish Point: Shan Mei Street Playground, Sha Tin

Entry Fee

HK$1,485 /person

Number of people

500 person (First-served basis)

Age Categories

Seniors 1, 18-30
Seniors 2, 31-45
Master 1, 46-59
Master 2, 60 or above

Race Qualifications

Finishers of YTF at UTMT 2019 or 2020


You must have obtained a minimum of 4 points in a maximum of 1 races between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.
(Note: 4 points in 2 or more races is not qualified)
A list of qualifying races is available on the UTMB official website.


Qualifying Race


Ultra-TrailⓇ Tai Mo Shan is a qualifying race for the 2021 The Western States ® 100-Mile Endurance Run

Checkpoints schedule, food and drinks items.


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There are three races categories within the Ultra-TrailⓇ Tai Mo Shan: UTMT (Ultra-TrailⓇ Tai Mo Shan) / TTF (Tsuen Wan, Ta Shek Wu, Fo Tan) / YTF (Yuen Long, Ta Shek Wu, Fo Tan)